Her Highland Rogue


Four Stars

Scotsman Duncan MacThomas is ordered by King Edward to marry Englishwoman Catherine Gillingham. Abused as a child, cuckolded and deserted by his first wife, Duncan wants nothing to do with remarriage until he gets to know her. He wants to bed her and leave her forever.

Catherine reluctantly marries this stranger, but proves herself an able wife. A stranger stalks them, determined to avenge himself against Duncan, willing to strike against Catherine. He has already struck twice with tragic results. Both Duncan and Catherine have fallen deeply in love with each other, but neither will admit it for fear of rejection. Will they come to their senses before the stranger succeeds?

This is a highly emotional book set at the time of Robert the Bruce. The well-drawn characters are too proud to bend to their emotions, putting their relationship constantly at risk, notwithstanding the outside threat. The author is to be applauded for her choice of setting and strength of character studies.

Deborah Elliott
Affaire de Coeur
September 2005

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In this delightful romance, Scotland and England are back at each other's throats. This time around a Scottish Highlander and an English rose are forced to marry by the order of the king and their fathers. Duncan MacThomas is forced to marry Catherine Gillingham but he doesn't have to like it! She is everything his heart and soul needs but he pushes her away from a past that has scarred him deeply. Making mistakes left and right, Duncan has to right his wrongs in order for her to believe he loves her. Treachery is afoot when someone from Duncan's past comes after Catherine and the battle between England and Scotland heats up again, this time with deadly earnest. Will Catherine lose HER HIGHLAND ROGUE after all that happens or will they finally find the strength to admit their love to each other? Find out in HER HIGHLAND ROGUE and be transported to a time when manly men where the norm and the women who were strong enough to stand beside them!

All this reviewer can say is Wow!! Ms. Burroughs weaves a wonderful tale set in a time when Scotland was fighting for its freedom from England and England's swift retaliation. In the midst of this, a love between a gruff highlander and a shy English rose blooms and Ms. Burroughs tells the love and passion with a simplicity that will take the reader's breath away! This is a story that will touch the reader's heart. The historical details will keep the reader enthralled as they enjoy the fight Duncan and Catherine have against past to enjoy their future. By creating such strong characters, Ms. Burroughs has the reader in the palm of her hand from beginning to end. Duncan is a wonderfully alpha male who delivers his love in ways that will endear him to the reader's heart. Catherine is a perfect foil to Duncan's gruffness as she is like silk with the strength of steel.

Ms. Burroughs's easily will captivate the reader with intricate details, a mystery that ensnares the reader and characters that will touch their hearts. By the end of the first chapter, this reviewer was enthralled with HER HIGHLAND ROGUE and was rooting for Duncan and Catherine to admit their love. Laughter, tears and love shine through this wonderful novel. This reviewer was amazed at Ms. Burroughs's depth and perception in this storyline. Her wonderful way with words plays itself through each page like a lyrical note and will captivate the reader till the very end. The only drawback was this reviewer wanted to know more of the secondary characters and the back story of other characters. All in all, read HER HIGHLAND ROGUE and be transported to a time that is full of mystery and promise of a future. This reviewer is highly recommending this book for those who enjoy an engrossing Scottish tale full of humor, love and laughter.

Reviewed by Dawn
September 2005
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Rating: 5 Cups 

Catherine Gillingham does not want to marry the man who comes for her any more than he wants to wed her. However, the marriage has been decreed by the King; and she has no choice. She does her best to adjust to life in his home, but he makes it so clear that he does not want her around that she cannot help but feel totally abandoned. Eventually, she decides to leave, only to have him come after her. Unbeknownst to both of them there is evil waiting for them.

Duncan MacThomas is incensed that his father has contracted a marriage for him without his consent. He does not want to marry Lord Gillingham's daughter; but out of duty, he does so. Determined to not be cuckolded by another wife or abandoned by someone he cares about, he leaves Catherine in his home and rides off. By the time he realizes how he really feels about her, it is too late she is gone. He goes after her and brings her home again.

Catherine and Duncan are wonderful characters with complex personalities. They complement each other very well. There are many situations between both of them, as well as some of the other characters, that evoke much emotion. There are places where tragedy abounds and others that show a loving family that might have existed in that particular time period. The love that develops between Cat and Duncan is easily visible and feels very real. The love scenes are sensual with just the right amount of detail for this particular story. The supporting characters are well developed and are a very important part of the book. Duncan's father is a crusty older man who is reluctant to talk about his feelings but has them nonetheless.

Meggie is a delightful child that one cannot help but love. The setting of 14th century Scotland is very well described and obviously well researched. I learned many things from reading this book, such as the origin of the word sweetheart. The language used is appropriate to the time period. The plotline is interesting. I could not put the book down until I had finished reading it.

Ms. Burroughs is a gifted author with a knack for describing events in such a way that they are easily visible to the reader. Her Highland Rogue is a wonderful book that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Scottish historical romance.

Susan White, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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Reviewer: Joyce Handzo
Rating: 9 Gargoyles

Her Highland Rogue will become everyone's favorite book!

Leanne Burroughs continues the fiery tale of Scotland's history with Highlander Duncan MacThomas and his lady wife, Catherine Gillingham of England. They were forced to wed by King Edward's decree and for the purpose of binding Scottish nobles to the throne by marriage. Although both reluctantly entered into this union, their reserve slowly melts to a white-hot passion.

The creative blending of history and romance will appeal to readers on several levels. The author's research and understanding of Scottish politics is made evident through the characters' actions and dialogue. Leanne Burroughs has an obvious love for this country and its people. The setting is very realistic and is filled with many fascinating details.

Yet, this story shines most brightly through the main characters of Duncan and Catherine. Both of them have a vibrancy that pulses through these pages. Their personalities are strong and sensual. This author is also extremely skillful with dialogue and was able to make Duncan's Scottish burr seem almost audible. The rest of the characters move the story along with a determined purpose. The mixture of historical and fictional personalities gives the readers a more intimate look at this time period.

The sexual tension between Duncan and Catherine reflects their own inner struggles as well as their loyalties to their respective countries. There is a magnetism between them that literally explodes with energy. Readers will sigh, sob and squeal with delight whenever these characters are on the page! Every woman will want Her Highland Rogue!

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Duncan MacThomas is forced to marry Catherine Gillingham. Catherine had hopes of marrying someone else but King Edward has made his decree and she must follow his dictates. Can two people forced into wedlock find happiness during a very turbulent time? Catherine makes the best of her situation. Her marriage is not what she would have wished for but she tries her best. She is a product of her time and does what is expected of her. She bows to the wishes of her King and her father. Duncan has spent his life fighting battles and spending inordinate amount of time away from his home. Duncan is a man who has major issues due to his upbringing as well as a very bad first marriage. He has never recovered from his experiences when he was fostered out. He blames his father for it all thus they do not have a good relationship. Catherine and Duncan are two stubborn people and both have a great capacity to love. Duncan fights his attraction to Catherine and when all else fails, he abandons her at his home. These two characters undergo extreme pain and anguish especially Catherine during the course of the story. She suffers physically and emotionally from attacks on her by Duncan's enemies. Containing 396 pages, Her Highland Rogue contains many secondary characters including Trevor, Catherine's brother and Tamara, Duncan's sister. They provide sounding boards as well as support to the two leads throughout the story. Characters from Ms. Burroughs? Highland Wishes also appear within this story. It was wonderful to see how Grant and Victoria were doing. Her Highland Rogue is filled with historical data and the author does a wonderful job of conveying the hardship of living in the time period. This book definitely falls into the category of a sweeping historical romance with two very enjoyable leads and a whole host of supporting characters. The twists and turns as these two find their way is full of intrigue and the reader will be fully drawn into their story. For those who love romances set in Scotland, pick up Her Highland Rogue as well as Highland Wishes, you won't regret it!

Historical Romance
Susan T. - Fallen Angel Reviews
4 Angels

August 2005

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"Burroughs second book is a heart-stealer"

Leanne Burroughs' book Highland Wishes was a wonderful book. Her first, it was full of heart and so much love - of storytelling, history, of Scotland. She did the amazing Hat Trick of winning the 2004 Laurie for Historical Romance. Since Highland Wishes, from a small press, won over all those big named writers from the NYC power-publishers this says readers have found Burroughs and taken her to their hearts. In her second book, Her Highland Rogue - you will be amazed at the growth of Burroughs talent. Her craft continues to mature, making this story so emotional, so moving.

It's the sequel to Highland Wishes. Set in 1304, while Scotland is still struggling to keep their independence, Edward Longshanks, the most ruthless king ever to sit on the English throne hopes to binds Scottish nobles through lands and marriages. The latter comes to plague Duncan Mac Thomas. A troubled man, a scarred man in many ways, the handsome Highlander finds his laird and father has betrothed him to a rich English woman, with Edward's blessings. Only, Duncan is a man not to be ruled. Despite his father's decree he accepts the marriage simply because he knows it will help protect his clan from Longshanks and give them the much-needed coin to see Clan MacThomas survives these troubled times. He may be forced to accept his English bride, but it doesn't mean he has to play husband to the lass. He plans to wed, bed her to solidify the marriage, and then leave her in the care of his clanspeople. Only, the arrogant Highlander comes to cropper with this English beauty now his lady wife.

Catherine Gillingham was raised to obey her lord father. However, she is shocked to find her father pledged her in marriage to a Scotsman. Unsure of this new man she now must call lord and husband, she doesn't let it bend her gentle spirit. She is a quite woman, a woman trained to be proper in all things. Underneath is a strength Duncan little expected, but soon comes to admire. In a marriage neither wanted, they suddenly find themselves falling in love.

Edward hopes to control this Scots noble through the marriage, but no one bribes Duncan MacThomas. When the call to save Stirling Castle comes, Duncan rises to the Scottish Banner, and along with Grant Drummond (hero from Highland Wishes), they rush to save the castle from Edward's war machines, nearly giving their lives to the cause.

Through the turbulent times, Duncan and Catherine learn to hold tight to each other, and fight the coming storm that threatens to destroy them both.

Burroughs has a true love of Scotland (and being a Scot I think I'm a good judge of this). She writes with amazing detail of the period and country. Only, it's through these two amazing characters she brings to life where she really hits her stride. Catherine is a gentle soul, yet there is such strength and determination in her. She is a heart- stealer. Duncan is pure Alpha male - arrogant, handsome, sexy, but a fully realized man with scars from the past. Duncan will leave the readers wanting their own Highland Rogue!

Reviewed by DeborahAnne MacGillivray
Posted June 26, 2005

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In one of my favourite periods in history Leanne Burroughs takes me back with her emotionally charged novel about two characters that are deeply scarred by the trauma that has occurred in their lives. I really enjoyed Her Highland Rogue; the novel was very descriptive and historically accurate. Duncan was a battled and scarred man and unwilling to let anyone into his life. But Catherine came along and he discovered that not everyone is out to get him. With time he opened up to her and they grew together and let each other into their hearts. The novel setting is roughly 2 years in length and I could not possibly cover everything that happened in this novel. The secondary characters were strong, forceful, insightful and offered a charm and humour to this novel that was refreshing to read. While the villain is one of the vilest men I have ever come across in a Romance Novel. He was a cold-hearted character with no remorse whatsoever and whenever he was in a scene, I could feel chills run down my spine.

With rich history during this period to draw from, William Wallace, the overtaking of Stirling and the crowning of Robert The Bruce. Leanne Burroughs weaves a powerful story of love and redemption. Her Highland Rogue is a captivating and spine tingling read, filled with angst and inner torment. It’s a wonderful love story and one that any medieval reader will love and cherish for years to come.

Reviewed by Laurel, The Mystic Castle

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Rating: 10


I fell a little in love with Duncan in "Highland Wishes" and was thrilled that this guy was going to get his own story!  As with her past effort Ms. Burroughs has delivered yet again with this wonderfully romantic story about two souls that want to love but just can't trust the emotion.

Duncan McThomas is forced to marry English beauty Catherine Gillingham by the English King. It's the last thing he wants but he will do his duty. He will marry her and walk away from her before she can leave him as his first wife did and as his own father did when Duncan was a small boy.  Duncan is not prepared to find Catherine attractive or desirable he certainly never thought to find her company appealing.  After consummating the marriage he leaves her at his home and leaves for Grant Drummonds stronghold.  This proud warrior is too proud to admit he's making a mistake and by the time he comes to his senses, his wife has left for England.  Will he be able to convince her to return to Scotland and to stand by his side?

Catherine Gillingham MacThomas wants her husband to love her as she loves him.  She is unable to voice her feelings and instead runs from them only to realize you can't hide from what you feel.  Together these two wounded souls try to find an even balance while pretending their feelings are less than they are.  With the backdrop of Scotland's war for independence, Cat and Duncan find a love that they never thought possible.  But, will they be able to find peace from their past hurts?

Again this story is rich in history as well as breathtakingly original.  We again visit with Tory and Grant, and introduced to new friends that will wrap their way around your heat.  I greatly look forward to Ms. Burroughs' next effort. She is an author I will now purchase by name alone.

- Kristi Ahlers, Romance Designs

Date of Review: 12/26/05
Reviewed by: Luv2readinBruxelles

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"Breathtakingly Passionate & Poignant Medieval"

In a stunning sequel to Burroughs HIGHLAND WISHES, the reader will find a powerfully emotional and passionate love story that focuses on Duncan MacThomas, who was introduced in that novel.

As Duncan is summoned home by his father he is informed that, for the good of his clan, he has been betrothed to and will marry an English heiress Catherine Gillingham. Not only is this a 'fait accompli' by his detested father, but decreed so by the English King ‘Longshanks.’ For the good of his clan, he'd do his duty, marry and bed the lass, but then he would leave her, never to return! In a huff, he traveled to England and married the lass taking care to not even look at her. When he finally did get around to taking a good look at her, Duncan grudgingly had to admit he did not expect to find Catherine quite so appealing. Duncan took his time getting to 'know' her well, before he consummated their union, and their trip home was more than leisurely with many stops along the way. Duncan hated to admit he truly liked her company, but stubbornly his plans were made.

Catherine was no more anxious to marry Duncan than he was to marry her, but on the journey home she thought there was a real chance for happiness. Unfortunately, on her arrival her hopes were shattered when Duncan promptly announced he was leaving and would not return! Then he quickly left before the attraction he felt grew any stronger leaving him vulnerable and open for heartbreak.

Duncan was a terribly wounded soul who had lost all faith in love and no longer trusted that emotion, as much as he wanted it to be real. Abandoned as a child by his father, then again by his first wife -- he couldn't trust any love he felt for Cat to admit to, or risk being left again. Stubbornly Duncan would leave first before any feelings he'd developed left him open to that kind of pain. Only the fates would play a hand in showing him how wrong that decision was, as an old demented enemy stalked Duncan and Catherine ready to destroy any happiness they might achieve before they could confess to what their hearts knew best.

*** Against the sweeping backdrop of Scotland's war of independence, this author continues an epic of a heart wrenching and positively beautiful love story. Duncan and Catherine were painstakingly developed with such realism that you'll be sharing their emotional journey. At its very heart you'll share the love, the joy, the anguish, and the tears. Along the way, you'll revisit old friends, gain new ones, and thoroughly wish the story would never end. Burroughs gifts you with a terrific story, straight from her heart to yours! A most excellent novel that I whole-heartedly recommend!

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
The Best Reviews

Posted July 9, 2006

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